2019 NMDL-LCPL rates

Cervical cytology

Examination Rate
Cervical smear on medical indication (excluding HPV) € 63,35
HPV €127,29

The costs for cervical cytological examination for population screening purposes are fully compensated from the public health subsidy scheme. For this it is necessary that the invitation card also be sent to the laboratory, completed with the data of the submitter. The costs for cervical cytological examination on indication are €63.35. This also applies for a repeat smear (unless the result was PAP 0). If moreover an HPV is indicated (PAP 2 or higher), or is requested explicitly, the total costs are €190.64.


Examination Technology   Rate
Simple biopsy, simple cytology Punch, shave, exchochleation Per submitted skin fragment € 63,35
Biopsy, moderately complex cytology Resection Per submitted skin fragment € 126,07
Needle biopsy, complex cytological puncture All techniques Fixed rate, regardless of the number of biopsies € 161,39

Taking skin lesions for illustration, we give you a number of examples from everyday practice:

  • A biopsy of a wart or mole (neoplasia) costs €63.35. A complete removal of a wart or mole costs €126.07.

  • One or several biopsies of erythema spread over the entire body (non-neoplasia) costs €161.39, regardless of the number of skin fragments and the acquisition technique.

  • Multiple biopsies of warts or moles (neoplasia) are each charged separately, whereby a biopsy costs €63.35 and a complete removal €126.07.

Molecular diagnostics

Examination Rate
Chlamydia trachomatis € 31,52
Neisseria gonorrhoeae € 31,52
Candida albicans € 66,35
Treponema pallidum € 66,35
Trichomonas vaginalis € 66,35
Mycoplasma genitalium € 66,35
Varicella zoster virus € 66,35
Bacteriele vaginose (Gardnerella) € 97,87
Herpes simplex virus € 97,87
Order rate for molecualr deerminaions (once-only per order) € 11,67