Population screening for cervical cancer

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Every five years, each woman in the Netherlands between the ages of 30 and 60 receives an invitation from the cervical cancer population screening. Thanks to the population screening, cervical cancer is regularly discovered at an early stage, so that the number of women who die from the disease has decreased sharply. Since 2017 the population screening is organised differently.

2017 population screening

The updated cervical cancer population screening was phased in as of 23 January 2017. Five screening laboratories were selected to implement it. For the Southwest Netherlands region, the Nederlands Moleculair Diagnostisch Laboratorium (NMDL - Dutch Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory) in combination with the Leids Cytologisch Pathologisch Laboratorium (LCPL - Leiden Cytological Pathological Laboratory) is the designated screening laboratory. The NMDL does the screening for hrHPV and LCPL performs the cytological evaluation, if the result of the hrHPV test is positive. They then look at the cells and assess whether there is an abnormality.


Why is it important to participate?

As a general practitioner, you know that cervical cancer develops as a result of a long-term infection by the human papillomavirus (HPV). However, in the beginning stage cervical cancer often produces no complaints. As a result, the illness is generally discovered only at a later stage. The beginning stage of cervical cancer can be identified in a smear, as a result of which immediate action can be taken.


More information?

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