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For 30 years now we have been offering customised diagnostic work for general practitioners in the field of dermatopathology. By means of a biopsy or resection, the general practitioner can remove the skin lesion(s) and send them in for histological examination.

Occasions for histological skin examination

There are several reasons or occasions to examine (damaged) tissue, including:

  • a clinically suspect image
  • as confirmation of a benign-appearing lesion
  • the concern of a patient
  • a problematic or suspicious family prehistory
  • pain
  • itching
  • changing abnormalities
  • for cosmetic reasons
  • for mechanical difficulties

How do you send in a skin lesion?

We provide special shipping materials for sending in tissues that you want to have examined (this includes n biopsy punches which we provide free of charge). You can order all shipping materials online or ask for them from the courier.

You fix the tissue sampled by you in a tube with a 4% formaldehyde medium.  Then you wrap the tube in tissue and put everything in the bag, including the fully completed lab form. Don´t forget to report the dimensions of the visible skin lesion.

In case of resection of skin lesions which, upon examination, appear to be malignant, the degree of (ir)radicality of the margins is mentioned in the pathology report. It is important to mark potentially malignant resected tissue samples on one point with a stitch (surgical thread with a loose knot), for orientation purposes. In this way one can deduce where in the scar possible irradicality is to be found.

You will receive the result of your submitted sample within six working days.

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