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For almost 30 years now, Eurofins | NMDL-LCPL has been the largest specialised laboratory in the Netherlands for the evaluation of cervical cancer. Diagnosing (the preliminary stages of) cervical cancer is a spearhead. The new population screening for cervical cancer began in 2017. Eurofins | NMDL-LCPL is the designated laboratory for the Southwest Netherlands region (region number 4). Cervical smears done by the client herself (the SSK, self-sampling kit) are also sent in here. The first test is for HPV; if that is positive, then these smears are evaluated cytologically as well. The indication smears that general practitioners send in are also analysed by our laboratory.

How do you send in an indication smear?

If the patient has complaints, the general practitioner can decide to take a cervical smear for examination. The cervix is smeared and the small brush with the collected cell material is put in the jar with fixative. Then this is sent to us together with the fully completed laboratory form.

ThinPrep preparations are made from the different types of cervical smear (SSK, general practitioner and gynaecologist). The made preparations are evaluated with the aid of the microscope and diagnosed by analysts, if necessary in consultation with a pathologist. Depending on the diagnosis, molecular (HPV) testing can also be performed (in accordance with the cervical cytology practice guideline). In exceptional cases, immunological testing is performed.

In the last case, the general practitioner is informed, because the results will take somewhat longer. In both cases, a more precise diagnosis is issued this way. In more than 96% of cases you will receive the result within five working days. As necessary, the general practitioner can himself request an HPV determination, this can then be done on the same material by ticking the box for requesting this on the laboratory form.

For preventive screening of DES daughters a cervical smear can be sent in, indicating the fact that a DES test is involved here in the comments section on the laboratory form. For more information see www.descentrum.nl.

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